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24 Dec BA confident of normal schedule UK flights are finally returning to normal after dense fog caused days of disruption for thousands of travellers.
23 Dec BA resumes UK flights at Heathrow British Airways domestic flights begin leaving Heathrow after three days of fog caused mass cancellations
23 Dec Mastering French manners, the hard way The title, "A history of politeness in France", might strike the uncharitable as being a very short book indeed.
23 Dec Hopes for end to fog travel chaos British Airways is hoping to operate a fuller flight service on Saturday, after three days of freezing fog caused chaos at Heathrow and other airports.
22 Dec Air travel chaos enters third day Thousands of air passengers face a third day of misery as fog is set to lead to more cancellations and delays.
21 Dec Air travel fog ordeal continues Dense fog is continuing to cause misery for Christmas holiday travellers at Heathrow and other UK airports.
21 Dec Fog causes more UK flight delays Severe fog forces British Airways to cancel all UK domestic services from Heathrow on Thursday.
20 Dec BA grounds all domestic flights British Airways is to cancel all UK domestic services from London Heathrow on Thursday following severe fog.
16 Dec Millions face air tax uncertainty Millions of people who have already booked flights and holidays for next year may have to pay more tax.
16 Dec Passengers told 'don't be early' British Airways is warning Christmas passengers at Heathrow not to be "too early" for flights because they are causing congestion at the airport.
14 Dec Cargo workers plan airport strike Cargo workers at several airports will strike over the Christmas period in a dispute over pay, the TGWU has warned.
14 Dec Hard lessons in expat paradise Thailand: For Britons it's a friendly Asian holiday paradise. But the reality of moving lock, stock and barrel to the other side of the world, has been a lot harder for some of the tens of thousands of expats.
13 Dec Australian sun lures in the Brits With at least 1.3 million resident Britons, Australia is the leading destination for UK expats. And many of those who go say they won't be coming back.
12 Dec Role reversal Brits head to India There are at least 32,000 Britons now living in India, according to new research - and it is the economy that is sucking them in, a twist of migration history between the two countries.
11 Dec 5.5m Britons 'opt to live abroad' Almost one in 10 British citizens is living overseas, according to a study of people coming in and out of the UK.
11 Dec Ex-pat retirees told 'think ahead' The Foreign Office has appealed to Britons retiring abroad to think through the realities of their move.
11 Dec Brits abroad: Know before you go The Foreign Office is running a campaign to better prepare would-be expats for their move overseas. It says that just following some key steps can help to avoid major problems in the future. The full advice is available from the internet links on the right-hand-side.
11 Dec Viewpoint: Expats chasing dreams Immigration and emigration are being driven by Britain's strong economy, argue the authors of a think tank report charting in detail the lives of expat Britons.
11 Dec Expats risking it all in Bulgaria Property is a key factor in the march of expat Britons around Europe. But the reality is far removed from the dream of massive returns in former Eastern bloc nations.
11 Dec Brits Abroad: Country-by-country Where do Britons around the world live? The table below lists countries in order of the estimated number who live there permanently in 2006.
11 Dec Brits Abroad FAQs: The data
11 Dec Q&A: Brits Abroad revealed There are millions of Britons overseas - and until now we have not known a great deal about them.
10 Dec Algeria bomb targets oil workers One man has died and nine others have been injured in a roadside bomb attack beside two buses carrying oil company workers in Algeria.
06 Dec Enquiry into charity worker death The death is being investigated of a 23-year-old charity volunteer whose body was found partially hidden under a mound of stones in northern India.
30 Nov UK tsunami officials criticised UK survivors of the Asian tsunami have criticised British embassy officials for their initial handling of the disaster, in a new independent report.
27 Nov FCO warns Britons to avoid Fiji The Foreign Office has advised Britons against all but essential travel to Fiji because of the prospect of a military coup.
22 Nov British hostage killed in Nigeria A British oil worker has been killed and an Italian seriously wounded during an attempt to free those seized by Nigerian militants, the navy says.
17 Nov Name warning for dragon sausages A food company has been warned it could face legal action over the name of its Welsh Dragon Sausages.
17 Nov Q&A: Buying tobacco and alcohol in the EU The European Court of Justice will give its judgement on 23 November in a case that could change the way Europeans buy alcohol and cigarettes.
14 Nov Man denies killing British expat A man accused of murdering a man in Spain whose body has never been found has denied the charge.
11 Nov The world's most dangerous road It seems perverse that one of the main roads out of one of the highest cities on Earth should actually climb as it leaves town.
10 Nov Latest English icons are revealed Yorkshire Pudding, the stiff upper lip, the Tube map and Winnie the Pooh have been added to the latest list of icons of England voted for by the public.
07 Nov Canada war brides retrace steps More than 200 "war brides" and their families are travelling to the Canadian port of Halifax, where they first entered the country after World War II.
07 Nov EU aims to lower roaming charges The European Commission is set to reaffirm its plan on Tuesday to cap the cost of mobile phone calls for people who travel abroad within Europe.
06 Nov Rules on flight liquids relaxed New rules permitting small amounts of liquids in hand luggage on UK flights are coming into effect.
05 Nov Airports issue liquid ban appeal Scotland's airport bosses issue an appeal to passengers to prepare for new rules on carrying liquids on flights.
02 Nov Airport liquid ban to be lifted The ban on liquids being taken through airport security in the UK is to be lifted, the government has announced.
28 Oct Where there's muck, there's brass. People talk about selling sand to the Arabs or snow to the eskimos, but two Irishmen might have taken this audacity even one stage further.
26 Oct Ryanair 'is least liked airline' Ryanair has been voted the world's least liked airline because of cramped seating, unfriendly staff and delays.
21 Oct Nigeria oil worker hostages freed Seven oil workers - including four Britons - have been freed after being held hostage in Nigeria, says American oil giant Exxon Mobil.
18 Oct US diplomats owe £1m in charges The US embassy owes more than £1m in unpaid congestion charges and fines, according to the London mayor's office.
18 Oct OFT acts over Ryanair small print Ryanair has agreed to change its passenger terms and conditions following action from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).
16 Oct Ex-hostages to demand UK inquiry A group of Britons taken hostage by Iraq in 1990 are calling for a public inquiry after a documentary claims UK ministers knew more than they admitted.
16 Oct UK hostages describe Kuwait ordeal UK airline passengers taken hostage by Iraqi troops in Kuwait in 1990 have called for a public inquiry and spoken about their ordeal.
13 Oct Virgin Atlantic reduces fuel levy Virgin Atlantic has become the latest airline to cut its fuel surcharge, after a fall in oil prices.
11 Oct Air passengers 'face terror risk' Increased security measures imposed on passengers at Heathrow Airport could create new targets for terrorism, an expert has warned MPs.
09 Oct Pressure mounts after ransom call Pressure has been mounting on a militant group which has taken oil workers from an Aberdeen-based firm hostage in Nigeria.
09 Oct Passport office staff to strike Thousands of passport workers are staging a 24-hour strike on Friday in a dispute over pay.
07 Oct US hails EU flight data deal A new agreement between the US and the EU on sharing airline passenger data has been welcomed by US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.
06 Oct Talks amid kidnap 'ransom demand' Efforts to secure the release of an Aberdeen-based firm's workers who were kidnapped in Nigeria are continuing amid reports of a £21m ransom demand.
05 Oct Electronic passports introduced All Britons applying for a passport will now be issued with the new, more expensive, ePassport.
04 Oct China and India 'top bribe list' Firms from China and India are most willing to pay bribes abroad to do business, a survey suggests.
04 Oct Britons in ravine plunge ordeal A UK woman and her 71-year-old mother spent almost three days stuck down a ravine in New Zealand after they drove off the road and plunged over the edge.
04 Oct UK oil workers kidnapped Three Britons are among five oil workers kidnapped in southern Nigeria's oil-rich Delta region, officials say.
03 Oct How to survive a plane crash Flying may be the safest form of transport, but many of the three million people who take to the air each day are terrified of crashing. Now more than ever, though, it's possible to survive a plane crash.
01 Oct What the US knows about visitors A deal on the transfer of data about air passengers leaving the European Union for the US has run out, following the collapse of talks on its renewal.
28 Sep Sweet success for 'oldest brand' Lyle's Golden Syrup has been named as Britain's oldest brand, with its green and gold packaging having remained almost unchanged since 1885.
28 Sep Baggage advice for UK passengers The government has relaxed the restrictions on the size of hand luggage at British airports.
28 Sep Thailand opens huge new airport Thousands of passengers have passed through Thailand's new international airport on its opening day.
27 Sep EU restricts hand-luggage liquid Air passengers travelling from European Union countries are to be restricted on how much liquid they can take on board.
25 Sep Gringo culture makes its mark in Brazil Brazilians who move to the UK soon find that their fellow countrymen and women have set up an extensive support network, helping them adjust to a country that can be chilly for them in more ways than one.
25 Sep BA jet flew after engine 'flames' Air traffic controllers were "amazed" by a decision to continue a British Airways transatlantic flight after an engine failed on take-off.
21 Sep Hand luggage rules to be relaxed Hand baggage restrictions imposed in the UK after an alleged terrorist plot to attack airliners are to be eased from Friday, the government has said.
19 Sep Crowds warning to Bangkok Britons Britons in Bangkok are being warned by the UK Foreign Office to avoid any demonstrations and large crowds, amid an attempted coup.
13 Sep Air baggage rules to be relaxed Aircraft hand baggage restrictions imposed after an alleged terrorist plot to attack airliners are likely to be eased next week, the BBC has learned.
13 Sep Warning over tropical virus risk Travellers to the Indian Ocean are being warned about an increased risk of the crippling Chikungunya virus.
08 Sep Aga exports cook up record profit Kitchen equipment firm Aga Foodservice, famous for its upmarket country stoves, has seen growing foreign demand boost its half-year profit to record levels.
06 Sep Thai wife guilty of Briton murder The Thai ex-wife of a murdered Briton, whose charred and dismembered remains were found scattered in the jungle, has been sentenced to life for his killing.
06 Sep Couple win court fight over villa A Sussex couple seeking to keep their dream holiday villa in northern Cyprus have won their High Court battle.
05 Sep Coping with terror threat to tourism The killing of a British tourist in Jordan has once again highlighted the security threat visitors face overseas, as well as raised concerns over the impact it will have on Jordan's tourism industry.
04 Sep Man in court over expat's murder A man has appeared in court charged with murdering a man in Spain whose body has never been found.
04 Sep Britain 'worse than 20 years ago' The threat of terrorism is one reason why Britain is a worse place to live now compared with 20 years ago, a BBC poll suggests.
31 Aug Abta 'reduces' travel protection The Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) is reducing the protection for customers offered by its code of conduct for travel agents.
31 Aug Most adventurous surnames mapped The most adventurous Britons over the decades have been identified by academics analysing people's surnames.
28 Aug Ten Britons hurt in Turkey blasts Ten Britons are among at least 21 people injured after three bomb blasts hit a holiday resort in Turkey.
25 Aug Are diplomats doing a good job? How can diplomats improve the way they work? Are you happy with the way foreign diplomats in your country operate?
25 Aug Britons' holiday problems listed Lost passports, hospital visits and arrests are among the main problems UK tourists experience on their travels, the Foreign Office has revealed.
24 Aug Hand luggage rules set to remain Restrictions on hand luggage for air passengers may have to stay in place because the threat from liquid explosives remains, say officials.
23 Aug Staff told of HP factory closure Staff at the HP factory in Birmingham have been told the site will definitely close with production moved abroad.
22 Aug US v European cities Continental cities are much beloved, but policy-makers look to the States for inspiration, say Adam Marshall and Max Nathan of the Centre for Cities.
20 Aug Full flight service at Heathrow The UK's busiest airport has operated a full flight service for the first time since the terror alert 10 days ago.
20 Aug Plane ticket surcharge dismissed Air passengers will not have to pay a new surcharge on tickets to cover the soaring price of security at UK airports, the government says.
19 Aug JonBenet exposes Thai teaching flaws The recent arrest in Thailand of John Mark Karr over the killing of American child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey has caused the Thai authorities to question the vetting procedures used to recruit foreign teaching staff.
18 Aug Teenager jailed for killing expat A teenager has been jailed in Cambodia for 20 years for stabbing to death a British bar owner.
18 Aug Man charged with murdering expat An unemployed man from Brighton has been charged with murdering a British expatriate who was living in Spain and has not been seen since February 2005.
17 Aug UK flights almost back to normal All services at UK airports should be back to normal by Friday, after 19 flights from Heathrow were cancelled on Thursday by British Airways.
15 Aug 10,000 bags misplaced at airports British Airways estimates 10,000 of its passengers' bags have gone missing since the air security alert began.
15 Aug Baggage advice for UK passengers The decision to downgrade the UK terrorism threat level from "critical" to "severe" means passengers can now carry one item of cabin baggage through security search points at UK airports, subject to size and content restrictions.
14 Aug More oil kidnappings in Nigeria Five foreigners, including two Britons have been taken by a group of armed men from a nightclub in Port Harcourt in southern Nigeria on Sunday night.
14 Aug Delays go on amid 'severe' threat Air passengers face a fifth day of travel delays at some UK airports despite rules on baggage being relaxed.
14 Aug UK terror threat level downgraded The terror threat to the UK has been downgraded from critical to severe.
13 Aug Travellers suffer further delays New security procedures have led to a fourth day of disruption to flights at the UK's busiest airports.
13 Aug Netherlands 'does most for poor' The Netherlands is the rich nation which does the most to improve lives in developing countries, a Center for Global Development (CGD) report says.
12 Aug Airport checks 'not sustainable' Stringent security searches which have led to long delays and cancellations at Heathrow are not sustainable, airport operator BAA has warned.
12 Aug Police investigate Italian rape Italian police have launched an investigation into the alleged rape of a British woman in Genoa.
12 Aug Baggage advice for UK passengers Strict security measures have been brought in for air passengers flying from the UK after a suspected plot to blow up planes was prevented.
11 Aug Muslim plea over foreign policy British Muslim groups have written to the Prime Minister calling for "urgent" changes to UK foreign policy.
11 Aug Still stuck and waiting at Heathrow Hundreds of travellers are still experiencing delayed and cancelled flights as the knock-on of the bomb plot security blanket measures continue to bite.
10 Aug At-a-glance: UK airports Security at all UK airports has been tightened after an alleged plot to blow up planes in mid-flight from the UK to the US.
10 Aug Travel advice for passengers The Department for Transport has issued advice to air passengers after a suspected plot to blow up planes was prevented:
10 Aug 'Plot to blow up planes' foiled A terrorist plot to blow up planes in mid-flight from the UK to the US has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said.
09 Aug Naples says sorry to US tourist The mayor of Naples has apologised to a US tourist who was beaten up by local residents shortly after he was mugged.
07 Aug Full planes boost Easyjet figures Budget airline Easyjet has restated its forecast that its rising passenger capacity will deliver pre-tax profit growth of 40-50% in the current year.
07 Aug Wife admits Gambia husband murder The African wife of a 76-year-old British resident has appeared in court alongside three other men accused of murdering her husband in Gambia.
07 Aug Plane turned round over security A US-bound plane has been turned around mid-flight and sent back to Heathrow for security reasons.
04 Aug BA profits soar despite fuel cost Rising passenger numbers have helped British Airways shrug off the rising cost of aviation fuel and post a 57% increase in first quarter profits.
04 Aug What expats miss about home... There are thousands of Britons in Florida. But what do they miss?
04 Aug Therapy 'sets off airport alarms' Patients having radiation treatments should be warned they may falsely trigger security alarms, say experts.
03 Aug Going cool on the Sunshine State The mix of sun, fun and the English tongue has led thousands of Brits to settle in Florida. But many end up feeling trapped and in fear of falling ill.
03 Aug Britain's drivers 'most uptight' British motorists are the most uptight in Europe, the Belgians the most laid-back, and the French top the league for road rage, figures suggest.
03 Aug Britons jailed over Greek brawl Ten British men have been sentenced to 10 months in jail after they were found guilty of disturbing the peace following a fight in Crete last month.
03 Aug Airport panty thief facing jail A 27-year-old man has admitted stealing women's underwear from cases while working as a baggage handler at Stansted Airport.
02 Aug More Britons target foreign move More British people than ever before want to turn dreams of a foreign life into reality, a poll for the BBC suggests.
02 Aug Murdered ex-pat was 'meal ticket' The mother of a former Wiltshire farmer found dead in Thailand has said he was killed to pay off his Thai ex-wife's gambling debts.
01 Aug What's so special about Yorkshire? Tuesday is Yorkshire Day, when men and women from across this historic county gather to celebrate their... well, Yorkshireness - leaving outsiders baffled about why they have such a high opinion of themselves.
27 Jul Language learning kicks off The World Cup, holiday homes and budget airlines are feeding an unexpected passion for learning languages.
25 Jul British evacuees put up in hotels Some British evacuees who fled the fighting in Lebanon have been put up in hotels while temporary accommodation is being organised.
25 Jul Embarkation controls 'to return' Embarkation controls for passengers leaving Britain are set to return as the government continues its overhaul of immigration and asylum services.
24 Jul British Lebanon evacuations cease More than 2,000 UK citizens have left Lebanon and no more evacuations are planned, the Foreign Office has said.
24 Jul Unions hopeful of HP Sauce rescue Union leaders from the HP Sauce factory in Birmingham are hopeful Heinz will reverse a decision to close the plant following a fresh round of talks.
24 Jul Briton shot dead on Costa del Sol A British man has been shot dead in a busy bar in Marbella, Spain.
24 Jul Passport cost to increase by 29% The fee for a new adult 10-year passport is to increase by 29% from October, from £51 to £66.
23 Jul Muslims 'boycott' Glasgow Airport Muslim business travellers are boycotting Glasgow Airport, according to a leading Scottish figure.
21 Jul Britons escape Lebanon 'trauma' About 1,300 British nationals have arrived in Cyprus after being evacuated from Lebanon on a Royal Navy ship.
20 Jul Stolen phones cost FCO £600,000 Two satellite phones stolen in Iraq cost the Foreign Office almost £600,000 in bills, a spending watchdog says.
20 Jul Big rise in air travel complaints Complaints made by air travellers soared last year, an official passenger watchdog group has said.
20 Jul Mass evacuation of Britons begins Thousands of British nationals are being evacuated from Lebanon in a massive air and sea operation.
19 Jul Murder charge over island deaths A man has been charged with the murder of an expat Welsh couple on the Canary Islands.
19 Jul Evacuation from Lebanon The UK has begun evacuating British nationals from Lebanon in what one minister predicted could become the largest such operation since Dunkirk.
18 Jul EU clamps down on airline fares Airlines which advertise attractive fares but add extra charges once the customer has decided to buy will be acting illegally under EU proposals.
18 Jul UK's Lebanon evacuation to begin More Britons are expected to be evacuated from Lebanon later, the Foreign Office has said.
17 Jul Hundreds evacuated from Lebanon Some 2,000 foreign nationals have been evacuated from Beirut as operations gather pace to help them escape the escalating crisis in Lebanon.
16 Jul UK citizens anxious over Lebanon Britons trapped in Lebanon and relatives tell of their anxiety amid Israeli air and artillery attacks.
17 Jul First Britons flown out of Beirut Evacuations of Britons stranded in Lebanon have begun with 40 citizens flown by helicopter from north of Beirut to Cyprus.
16 Jul Nations plan Lebanon evacuations Foreign governments are putting plans in place to evacuate citizens who are trapped in the escalating crisis in Lebanon.
16 Jul UK prepares for Beirut evacuation Preparations are being made to rescue UK citizens from Lebanon, the British ambassador in Beirut has said.
15 Jul UK plans evacuation from Lebanon Ministers and UK defence staff are considering a plan to evacuate British people trapped in Lebanon.
15 Jul British woman trapped in Lebanon A drug counsellor from the north-east of England trapped in Lebanon by Israeli air strikes has said she fears for her life.
13 Jul What's so great about living in Vanuatu? The Pacific island nation of Vanuatu is the happiest place on earth, according to a new "happy planet index". Beside the palm trees and beaches, why is life so good there?
12 Jul EU slashes overseas mobile costs
The European Commission has outlined plans that could cut the cost of using mobile phones abroad by up to 70%.
05 Jul EU plans crackdown on mobile fees A plan to regulate mobile phone charges for calls made abroad will shortly be published by the European Commission, despite intense opposition.
30 Jun British Empire lessons proposed Secondary school pupils in England will learn more about the British Empire under new guidance for schools.
26 Jun Profits double at Virgin Atlantic Airline firm Virgin Atlantic saw pre-tax profits more than double, hitting £41.6m ($75.8m) boosted by sales of business class tickets.
21 Jun BA investigated on fuel surcharge British Airways is being investigated by UK and US regulators for the alleged price fixing of fuel surcharges on long-haul flights to and from the UK.
20 Jun Heathrow in hand luggage change Passengers at Heathrow Airport will no longer be able to take over-sized hand luggage on board flights.
19 Jun Extradition for UK fraud suspect A Briton accused of swindling more than £1.4m from retired UK ex-pats is to be extradited to France within 10 days.
16 Jun Saudi 'torture' Britons lose case Three Britons and a Canadian have been denied the right to sue Saudi Arabian officials they say tortured them.
16 Jun Airport security stop child's toy A father slams the "stupidity" of security guards who refused to let a young girl take a plastic bubble gun on a plane.
14 Jun Suicide note blamed work pressure An engineer who killed himself wrote in a suicide note that "the pressure of work has turned my mind into a ticking time bomb", an inquest has heard.
13 Jun Cigarette smuggler caught in act A serial cigarette smuggler who brought nearly 180,000 cigarettes into the UK illegally is sentenced.
13 Jun Ryanair blasts Air France 'abuse' Ryanair files a complaint with the European Commission alleging rival Air France is trying to block competition.
12 Jun Customs staff fear port security Customs officers are seriously concerned about security at regional ports and airports because many of them are left unmanned most of the time.
09 Jun Pilot caught in Manchester mix-up A man books a bargain flight from LA to Manchester - but ends up 3,000 miles away from his intended destination.
07 Jun Pair face Bahrain capsize charges The captain and owner of a boat which capsized in Bahrain, killing 58 people including 15 Britons, appear in court.
06 Jun BA introduces new budget flights British Airways aims to compete with low-cost airlines with new flights from East Midlands Airport.
06 Jun Adventurer continues 13-year tour A Briton attempting a human-powered round the world voyage begins the next leg of his 13-year trip.
05 Jun Disruptive air passengers warned Police at UK airports and the airline industry begin a zero tolerance campaign against disruptive air travellers.
01 Jun UK among worst 'binge drinkers' UK adults and adolescents are among the worst binge drinkers in Europe, says an Institute of Alcohol Studies report.
30 May Fears for Briton in Spanish jail A mother from Tyneside fears for the safety of her son, who has been locked up in a Spanish jail for nine weeks.
21 May Goldsmith to examine Gaza deaths The UK attorney general is considering bringing charges against two Israeli soldiers who killed two Britons.
18 May Briton scales Everest for grandpa A British diplomat conquers Mount Everest - following in the footsteps of her grandfather who failed in 1933.
15 May Deaths 'show malaria drug need' Britons travelling to exotic locations are warned of the risks of contracting potentially fatal malaria.
09 May 'Great British' sauce heads abroad It is an iconic brand that has been associated with the great British fry-up for 100 years.
08 May German course caters for Cup fans Beleaguered referees at this summer's World Cup in Germany should beware: England fans are being taught how to berate them in the local language.
08 May 'Je parle English' Why young Brits who reject 2nd languages will get away with it
05 May Ex-pat wins second home tax case A man who lived in Spain wins a 50% council tax cut on his cottage despite "insulting" council staff.
04 May Airline increases baggage charge Passengers using a Channel Island-based airline will have to pay more to have their baggage carried in the hold.
04 May Briton shot dead in Thai resort A British man is shot and killed in the Thai holiday resort of Pattaya.
03 May Passport interview offices named A new network of 69 offices to be used to interview first-time passport applicants has been unveiled.
02 May Americans 'more ill than English' White middle-aged Americans are less healthy than their English counterparts, research suggests.
01 May US tops 'congestion charge debt' US diplomatic staff in London have run up unpaid congestion charge fees of £271,000 in the past six months, new figures have revealed.
22 Apr England 'addicted to sex and TV' England is a nation of "overweight, alcopop-swilling, sex-and-celebrity obsessed television addicts", according to a travel guide.
22 Apr Card customers face hidden costs People using credit cards abroad are losing out through retailers who immediately convert their purchases into pounds rather than charge them in the local currency.
21 Apr St George's Day grows in strength St George's Day - an occasion which not too long ago could arguably pass by almost unnoticed - is now being celebrated on a far wider scale, according to groups promoting the day.
21 Apr Zimbabwe 'asks farmers to return' Zimbabwe's white farmers say they have been invited to apply for land - in an apparent U-turn by the government which has seized their land.
21 Apr Cafe brews up championship cuppa A cafe in Cumbria that bans tea bags has been named as the best place in the UK to get a cuppa.
20 Apr Stags should pay for embassy help Britons on stag and hen parties abroad should be charged more often when they call on UK diplomats to bail them out of trouble, say MPs.
20 Apr BA cuts Europe fares by up to 50% British Airways (BA) has cut fares by up to 50% to more than 65 destinations across Europe, as it aims to win back more passengers from budget rivals.
18 Apr BA raises fuel surcharge further British Airways has announced a further round of increases in fuel surcharges for its long-haul flights.
17 Apr German builders head towards UK After decades of sending builders and bricklayers to work in mainland Europe, the UK is now attracting craftsmen from Germany to its construction industry.
11 Apr 'No evidence' stewardess panicked Virgin Atlantic says it has found no evidence that one of its stewardesses screamed and panicked when a plane encountered severe turbulence.
10 Apr 'Unlawful killing' of Gaza Briton A Briton shot dead by an Israeli soldier in Gaza was "intentionally killed", an inquest has ruled.
09 Apr Briton found dead in Portugal sea A British man has been found dead in the waters of a marina in Portugal, apparently after drowning.
08 Apr Foreign Office management slammed There is a "woeful lack of professional skills" among senior Foreign Office managers, MPs say.
07 Apr Sunglasses put jet lag in shade Passengers on long-haul flights are being urged to wear sunglasses in a bid to reduce the effects of jet lag.
06 Apr Embassy to pay congestion charge An embassy has agreed to pay £99,950 of outstanding congestion charge fines.
06 Apr Film-maker 'murdered' by soldier A British cameraman shot dead in the Gaza Strip by an Israeli soldier was murdered, an inquest jury says.
04 Apr French strike grounds UK flights UK air passengers are facing delays and cancellations as a national strike continues to hit travel in France.
04 Apr Airline chief blasts 'lazy frogs' A furious airline boss has blasted the French as "lazy frogs" after protests disrupted services to the UK
03 Apr Expats rally round boat survivors British expatriates are rallying round survivors and relatives of those killed in the Bahrain tragedy, says a doctor.
03 Apr UK victims of Bahrain boat disaster At least 58 people died when a boat capsized in Bahrain last week, during a party to celebrate the completion of a huge skyscraper project.
02 Apr Mayor defends US toll payment row London mayor Ken Livingstone defends his calls for American staff at the US embassy to pay the congestion charge.
01 Apr Bahrain's UK community 'in shock' Bahrain's UK expat community is "in shock" but "rallying around" to help Britons who have lost loved ones and relatives in the Gulf boat tragedy.
31 Mar 12 Britons die in Gulf disaster At least 12 Britons were among those killed when a cruise ship capsized in Bahrain, Jack Straw confirms.
28 Mar France faces job law strike wave France prepares for a day of strikes over new youth employment laws, with major disruption expected.
28 Mar Travellers hit by French dispute Air passengers flying across the Channel face disruption on Tuesday because of a general strike in France.
27 Mar Nigeria militants release workers Nigerian militants have released three kidnapped Western oil workers held hostage for more than a month.
25 Mar France demo warning for Britons Britons have been warned not travel to many parts of France, amid fears of further violent protests against new employment laws.
23 Mar British Iraq hostage Kember freed One British and two Canadian peace activists are freed in Iraq in an operation by multinational troops.
22 Mar EU issues 'unsafe' airlines ban The European Union issues a blacklist banning more than 90 airlines from operating in the region.
21 Mar Disaster-hit travellers get guide The Foreign office issues a guide to the support available for UK nationals with problems abroad.
18 Mar Plane diverted in medical alert A budget airline flight from Spain was diverted to Bournemouth after a woman who had packed her medication in the plane's hold suffered chest pains.
17 Mar Concorde voted the UK's top icon Concorde has been voted the number one design icon of the 20th Century by viewers of BBC2's The Culture Show and visitors to London's Design Museum.
16 Mar Ryanair begins baggage charging Low-cost airline Ryanair is to begin charging passengers extra for checking in their baggage before flights.
14 Mar UK ports 'are open to terrorists' A key government adviser on terrorism warns there are not enough customs and immigration staff at UK ports of entry.
14 Mar Heavy snow forces airport closure Passengers face delays as Newcastle Airport is forced to close for a time because of snow.
13 Mar FCO revises Jordan terror threat There is a high risk of more terror attacks in Jordan, new travel advice from Britain's Foreign Office has said.
13 Mar British couple murdered in Crete A British couple are found murdered in their home on the Greek island of Crete.
12 Mar Thousands stranded by heavy snow Heavy snow and blizzards shut airports and stranded clubbers in Scotland overnight, with similar conditions expected other parts of the UK later.
10 Mar Heathrow eye scan checks extended Eye-scanning technology is being used at Heathrow Airport's busiest terminal to speed up immigration checks.
10 Mar New air travel clot risk theory Low air pressure and oxygen levels on flights may raise the risk of deep vein thrombosis, research suggests.
08 Mar Foreign Office management slammed There is a "woeful lack of professional skills" among senior Foreign Office managers, MPs have said.
07 Mar Missing nurse 'has been murdered' Police who are searching for the missing nurse Jennifer Pope in Ecuador have said they believe she is dead.
06 Mar UK biometric passports launched The first UK biometric e-passports are to be issued to applicants this week, the Home Office has announced.
06 Mar Greece accused of illegal car seizures Greece stands accused of victimising drivers of foreign-registered cars - hitting them with huge fines and confiscating their vehicles for no reason.
02 Mar UK travellers get bird flu advice The Department of Health publishes public health advice for people travelling to countries affected by bird flu.
01 Mar Fussball and beer drinking England football fans heading to Germany for the World Cup are getting free language classes. So are they conjugating verbs?
24 Feb Charge over British expat murder A Cambodian teenager has been charged with the murder of a British bar owner by allegedly stabbing him to death in a botched burglary attempt.
22 Feb British expat killed in Cambodia The British owner of a Cambodia bar is stabbed to death during a robbery attempt, local police say.
21 Feb Britain lags behind on languages Britons and the Irish are bottom of the European league for speaking a second language, a new EC survey says.
18 Feb Oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria Nine foreign workers are seized in the latest attack by militants on oil installations in Nigeria.
08 Feb EU to get tough on roaming charges Mobile phone operators in Europe could be forced by the European Union to cut the expensive fees customers pay for calling while abroad.
08 Feb Foreign etiquette guide for firms Sarcasm, kissing a client's wife and making small talk are among the ways the British fail in foreign negotiations, an etiquette firm says.
05 Feb FO attempts to find missing nurse The UK Foreign Office has said its staff are doing all they can to trace a 50-year-old nurse who is missing in South America.
03 Feb Gatwick Express train to be axed The non-stop express rail link between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport is to be axed, the government has said.
02 Feb The British illegal immigrants British backpackers make up the largest nationality of illegal workers in Australia. Why?
02 Feb French strike disrupts UK flights Flights between France and the UK have been disrupted due to industrial action at French airports.
01 Feb Airline starts new baggage charge Passengers travelling with airline Flybe will be charged for extra baggage from Wednesday.
31 Jan Delayed passengers in refund move Passengers flying back from Geneva to NI complain after they were charged for a flight cancelled by fog.
30 Jan Kidnapped oil worker is released A man from Saltford near Bath, who was kidnapped in Nigeria nearly three weeks ago, is freed.
26 Jan 'Fall in English white Britons' The number of white Britons in England is falling but other ethnic groups are growing rapidly, new data suggests.
26 Jan 'Tortured' man in Saudi protest A man who says he was tortured in a Saudi Arabian jail protests as the country's ambassador visits Manchester.
26 Jan What can you fit in hand luggage? Ryanair is slapping a £5 penalty on bags checked into the aircraft hold. There will be no charge for hand luggage. So what can you fit into one small bag?
25 Jan Ryanair planning baggage charge Low-cost airline Ryanair is to begin charging passengers extra for checking in their baggage before flights.
24 Jan Diplomat cleared over 'air rage' A British diplomat accused of threatening to kill a plane's cabin crew is cleared of being drunk on an aircraft.
23 Jan UK diplomats in Moscow spying row Russia backs a TV report allegedly showing footage of UK diplomats using a fake rock to spy in Moscow.
23 Jan Rio gunmen target UK tourist bus Gunmen stormed onto a bus of elderly British tourists who had just arrived in Rio de Janeiro and robbed them of valuables, the Foreign Office says.
20 Jan Working in a danger zone BBC News asks what steps can be taken to protect people working in dangerous areas.
17 Jan African blitz on 'flying coffins' African countries and airlines running unsafe planes face a crackdown from the African Civil Aviation Commission.
16 Jan Air rage grounds 200 passengers More than 200 UK-bound passengers had their flight from Mexico diverted after a disturbance on the plane.
15 Jan Should there be a British day? Are the British patriotic enough? Gordon Brown has put forward a proposal that Britain should have a day to celebrate its national identity.
14 Jan British couple killed in Tenerife Spanish police are investigating the murder of a British couple on the island of Tenerife.
13 Jan FCO revises Jordan terror threat There is a high risk of more terror attacks in Jordan, new travel advice from Britain's Foreign Office has said.
10 Jan VSO targets more mature teachers The international development charity, Voluntary Service Overseas, is to stop recruiting newly-qualified teachers to work in developing countries.
09 Jan The making of icons Stonehenge, the FA Cup and the red Routemaster bus are among England's most popular icons, according to a new poll. But what do the choices say about the English? And what about the rest of the UK?
09 Jan 80,000 passport photos rejected Tens of thousands of photos in passport applications have been rejected since the introduction of new rules to combat fraud.
07 Jan Kember's wife in new hostage plea The three-year-old grandson of Norman Kember keeps asking when he will return from Iraq, the wife of the kidnapped peace activist has told al-Jazeera.
07 Jan Britain closes embassy in Jordan The British embassy in the Jordanian capital, Amman, has been closed until further notice due to security fears.
04 Jan 'Drunk castaway' faces air costs A drunken air passenger who was cast away on a remote Atlantic island could be handed a £3,000 bill for the detour.
01 Jan Delayed BA passengers 'will sue' German passengers delayed due to icy weather at Berlin Airport are reportedly suing British Airways for false imprisonment.

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