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30 Dec BA plane makes emergency landing An engine fault forces a BA plane to make an emergency landing at New York's JFK airport.
29 Dec Pilot dumps drunk man on island A drunken air passenger was cast away on an island more than 1,000 miles from home after abusing cabin staff.
28 Dec Ex-pat Scots 'should come home' Efforts should be stepped up to entice ex-pats to return home to Scotland, according to the SNP.
28 Dec Three Britons kidnapped in Gaza A British aid worker and her parents are kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in southern Gaza.
27 Dec Briton facing Thai death sentence A Birmingham man faces a death sentence in Thailand after being charged with drug trafficking.
26 Dec BA plane forced to land in Greece A British Airways plane bound or Gatwick is forced to turn back to northern Greece after an electrical fault.
26 Dec Britons commemorate tsunami dead Around 150 Britons travel to Asia to take part in memorial services for those killed in last year's tsunami.
25 Dec England braced for heavy snowfall Parts of England are set to be hit by heavy snow showers and disruption on the roads, forecasters have warned.
25 Dec Briton killed in Thai robbery bid A 57-year-old Briton dies after being attacked during an attempted robbery in Thailand.
24 Dec Briton one of 23 plane crash dead A Briton was one of 23 passengers killed in an Azerbaijan Airlines plane crash.
21 Dec Smoker tried to open plane door A French woman has admitted attempting to open an airplane door mid-flight so that she could smoke a cigarette.
17 Dec Lessons learnt from languages There are just 173 days, and counting, to the soccer World Cup in Germany. More than 100,000 England fans are planning to travel there in June.
16 Dec Air passengers to pay for luggage A low-fare airline starts to charge passengers for luggage carried in the hold of aircraft.
09 Dec Malaria health warning to Britons Health experts have issued a warning about malaria, after four people from north-west England contracted the disease during holidays overseas.
08 Dec DVT victims denied right to sue The House of Lords rules against deep vein thrombosis victims who want the right to sue airlines.
01 Dec Japan POW payments under review An "urgent review" of the criteria used to compensate Britons taken prisoner by Japan during the Second World War is under way, a minister has told MPs.
28 Nov Iraq's danger for foreigners The kidnapping of a Briton and three other Westerners shows Iraq remains dangerous for foreign nationals, says BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera.
28 Nov UK workers taken hostage in Iraq Details of the Britons and UK workers taken hostage in Iraq in 2004 and 2005.
18 Nov EU-US land 'open skies' agreement Talks aimed at liberalising air services between the US and Europe result in the lifting of restrictions on Atlantic flights.
17 Nov Rabies quarantine to be reviewed UK rabies prevention policies - including pets' passports and six month quarantine - are to be reviewed.
17 Nov UK passport price to rise to £51 The price of a UK passport will rise by 21% to £51 to help fight fraud, the Home Office announces.
16 Nov EU plans unsafe airline blacklist The European Parliament votes to put together a blacklist of airlines that fail to meet safety requirements.
16 Nov Overseas property firm wound up A firm selling overseas property is wound up after no evidence was found that the buildings existed.
15 Nov Briton jailed for Spanish murder A Briton is jailed for 36 years in Spain for the murder of a teenager who was strangled on the Costa del Sol.
14 Nov Former miners targeted overseas Ex-pit workers are offered the chance to use their skills Down Under.
11 Nov UK pair held for 13 days in Iran A British couple and an Australian man have been freed after they were detained for questioning for 13 days by the Iranian authorities.
10 Nov Come home, Kiwis, your country needs you! New Zealand expats are being lured home to help plug a skills shortage - using tactics that entice Britons to emigrate in droves.
08 Nov British man shot dead in Uganda A British man has been shot dead after rescuing four tourists whose raft had capsized in north-eastern Uganda.
03 Nov Internet phone calls on the rise A third of people in the US and Europe will abandon phone lines in favour of wireless and broadband telephony come 2009, a report from Gartner has found.
01 Nov Man protests from Brazilian jail A British man, who claims he was wrongly imprisoned in Brazil, is due to start a hunger strike on Tuesday.
31 Oct Briton held in Bali over cannabis A British man is arrested in Bali as part of a crackdown on drugs, Indonesian police say.
30 Oct UK sat-phone fraud in Iraq probed The foreign office launches an investigation into the misuse of a British Embassy phone in Baghdad.
30 Oct New UK citizenship testing starts A new test of British history and customs to be taken by people applying for citizenship is due to be launched.
26 Oct The politics of sausages Just as the Italians and French embrace local dishes as part of their cultural identity, so too is that most British of foods, the sausage, enjoying a renaissance in the UK.
24 Oct Robber targets globe-trek Briton A Briton trying to circumnavigate the world using only human power has to fight off a robber.
21 Oct Les étrangers The Brits don't like the French, but the French couldn't care about us
21 Oct British attitudes to the French - two theories What are the underlying reasons for many British people's long-standing hostility to their French neighbours. Here, two academics give their personally-held views on this thorny issue.
20 Oct US diplomats in London roads row US diplomats who refuse to pay London's congestion charge are accused of an "abuse of hospitality".
18 Oct Worst corruption offenders named Corruption has worsened in some rich states as well as poorer ones, says an anti-corruption watchdog.
07 Oct Briton confirmed among Bali dead The body of a British-born mining executive feared dead in the Bali blasts is formally identified.
06 Oct British Council art goes online The British Council makes its entire art collection available to view on the internet for the first time.
05 Oct Widow 'hurt' by Foreign Office The Foreign Office failed to support survivors of an attack at a consulate in Turkey, says the widow of the UK's top envoy to the country.
04 Oct Vancouver is 'best place to live' Vancouver is the world's best place to live, a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has found.
04 Oct EU reveals mobile roaming charges The European Commission has set up a website to help people cut the high cost of using mobile phones abroad.
02 Oct Britons defiant after Bali blasts Britons returning home from Bali after the bombings have spoken about their experiences.
01 Oct Power failure disrupts BA flights British Airways flights to Europe from Heathrow are cancelled after a power problem stops refuelling.
29 Sep Amnesty warns on Congo war threat Tensions in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo could re-ignite fighting, says Amnesty International.
29 Sep Kidnapped oil Britons are rescued Two British oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria's southern delta are released after a rescue mission.
28 Sep Danger Down Under Planes packed with 800,000 Britons make the journey Down Under each year. But amid headlines of shark and crocodile attacks, what hazards should visitors be aware of?
26 Sep British man killed in croc attack A British mine worker was killed by a crocodile while snorkelling in Australia, police believe.
25 Sep US Britons 'escape worst' of Rita Britons in the US appear to have escaped the worst after Hurricane Rita hits the Gulf Coast, killing one.
22 Sep A £200 ticket to ride How far can you go with £200 by plane compared with train? With budget flights costing as little as 1p, air travel is the cheapest way to get around.
20 Sep Man held after UK embassy blast Police in Croatia arrest a local worker at the British Embassy over a blast in the mailroom in which he was injured.
19 Sep Globe-trek Briton kayaks to Bali A Briton trying to circumnavigate the world on human power arrives in Bali by kayak.
17 Sep Would you be better off in Oz? Australia is trying to attract thousands of skilled migrants from Britain - but what are the advantages of moving Down Under?
12 Sep Saudis silent on diplomat's fate The Saudi Arabian authorities are refusing to reveal what action was taken against a diplomat suspected of sexually assaulting a child in London.
11 Sep Pudding throwers ready for battle Hundreds of spectators are expected to gather at a pub in Greater Manchester on Sunday for the annual World Black Pudding Throwing championship.
09 Sep Britons holding out in city they call home With families awaiting news of missing Britons, BBC News finds British expats determined to stay in New Orleans.
08 Sep US shuts embassy in Saudi Arabia The US closes its embassy and Australia and the UK issue travel warnings in response to a terror threat in Saudi Arabia.
08 Sep Airport stampede after bomb scare One person dies and dozens are injured in a stampede at Sri Lanka's main airport after a bomb scare on a Saudi airliner.
08 Sep BA fuel surcharges to rise again British Airways is to increase fuel surcharges on long-haul tickets bought in the UK for the fifth time in the past 18 months.
07 Sep FO warning on Gaza Strip travel The Foreign Office (FO) has warned Britons against all travel to Gaza, including Gaza City, after the murder of Yasser Arafat's cousin.
06 Sep Fears growing for missing Britons Fears are growing for the safety of 96 Britons who are still unaccounted for in the area hit by Hurricane Katrina.
05 Sep New passport photo standards due Stringent new passport photo standards will be enforced from next week, officials warn.
05 Sep Air disasters timeline A timeline of international air crashes from 1998 to the present.
05 Sep Blair defends UK Katrina response UK officials' efforts to help British survivors of Hurricane Katrina have been defended by the prime minister.
03 Sep Afghanistan Briton 'found dead' A body found in Afghanistan is thought to be that of a kidnapped British lorry driver.
02 Sep Rabies warning over minor bites Experts have warned travellers not to be complacent if bitten by an animal in a country where rabies is common.
01 Sep Swiss publish aviation blacklist Switzerland makes public a blacklist of two airlines - one Egyptian, one Armenian - banned from its airspace.
01 Sep Travel warning for hens and stags Britons who travel abroad for stag and hen parties need to drink less and think more, the government has urged.
01 Sep Briton kidnapped in Afghanistan A British man has been kidnapped in Afghanistan after the convoy he was travelling in was attacked.
01 Aug Dubai drug woman 'seeks redress' A woman jailed in Dubai for having codeine in her body says she has had 3,000 letters of support.
30 Aug Welsh air up for sale on the web Welsh expatriates missing the sweet smell of home can now buy a bottle of air from the hills of Wales - for £24.
29 Aug Banned airlines lists published France and Belgium have published separate blacklists of airlines banned from their territory on safety grounds.
25 Aug Africa by bike A Nottinghamshire man is taking time out from his job to deliver motorbikes to healthcare workers in Africa
25 Aug Briton dies in Jerusalem stabbing A British man was stabbed to death and another injured in an attack in Jerusalem, the Foreign Office has said
24 Aug Is flying still the safest way to travel? After four planes crashed in two weeks, claiming hundreds of lives, BBC News asks how safe is flying?
24 Aug Flights delayed by computer fault A fault in the air traffic control computer system causes delays to flights across the UK.
23 Aug Clock campaign appeals to ex-pats A mid Wales town takes its campaign to ex-pats overseas to raise money to repair an historic clock.
17 Aug Air disasters timeline BBC News looks at some of the world's recent air disasters
16 Aug English matador retires from ring A matador from Salford known as El Ingles performs his final bullfight in Spain as injury ends his career.
13 Aug BA strike chaos starting to ease British Airways begins clearing passenger backlog at Heathrow but warns it could take days for all to get flights.
12 Aug London strike brings chaos abroad Thousands of passengers around the world are stranded as a strike hits BA at London's Heathrow airport.
11 Aug Can you survive a plane crash? Channel 4's Lost tells a fictional tale of plane crash survivors, but in reality who has endured such an ordeal?
18 Aug South Africa tops road rage list South African drivers are the worst road rage offenders in the world, an international survey has found.
10 Aug No meals on BA long-haul flights Passengers on long-haul British Airways flights out of Heathrow Airport are without meals in a dispute between an airline catering firm and its workers.
08 Aug US shuts embassy in Saudi Arabia The United States has closed its embassy and two consulates in Saudi Arabia for two days in response to a terror threat, the embassy has said.
08 Aug UK revises travel advice to Saudi Britain has revised its travel advice for Saudi Arabia to highlight "credible" reports of planned attacks, including against Westerners.
04 Aug Foreign Office management damned The Foreign Office is over-staffed, inefficient and has a culture which stifles ideas, says a report ordered by the department.
03 Aug Briton killed in Lanzarote brawl A man from north London has died after being stabbed in a bar brawl in a tourist resort in the Canary Islands.
03 Aug Dubai arrest Britons claim abuse Two UK businessmen arrested in Dubai on suspicion of involvement in the London bombings say they were abused.
03 Aug British woman killed in Thailand A British teacher is found stabbed to death in a guesthouse on the Thai holiday island of Phuket.
03 Aug Relief after 'miracle' air escape Canada's transport minister has called it a "miracle" that over 300 passengers and crew escaped from an Air France jet that skidded off a Toronto runway.
29 Jul Britons lose NYPD race abuse case A couple fail in their bid to sue the New York Police Department after accusing officers of violence and racist abuse.
27 Jul UK safari boss shot dead in Kenya The 69-year-old British owner of a luxury safari lodge is shot dead by robbers in Kenya.
22 Jul Rabies victim dies after holiday A British woman dies after contracting rabies from a dog bite while on holiday in Goa.
21 Jul Bomb expert killed in explosion A British bomb expert, who was working in Dubai, died when a missile exploded by accident, an inquest hears.
20 Jul US warns of planned Saudi attack The US embassy in Saudi Arabia warns citizens to be vigilant amid intelligence reports indicating an attack threat.
19 Jul Epic trip for classic British car An epic adventure from Oxford in England to Oxford, New Zealand, enters its final leg.
18 Jul Teenage airline aims for take-off An 18-year-old from Merseyside is preparing to launch his own no-frills airline after finding inspiration from a school project.
17 Jul Briton held on child sex charges A 56-year-old British man has been arrested in Thailand accused of molesting under-age boys.
16 Jul Turkish resort blast kills five A blast on a minibus in the Turkish resort of Kusadasi kills at least five, including one British and one Irish woman.
13 Jul 'Air rage' Briton faces US court A British man appears in court after allegedly threatening to kill all 247 passengers on board a US flight.
12 Jul Air near miss for sake of photo A UK plane is forced to take evasive action after a German jet gets too close - allegedly trying to take a photo.
12 Jul Kenya airport dweller is British A man who lived for more than a year in a Kenyan airport is granted British citizenship.
11 Jul Are you a contractor in Iraq? We want to hear from private security contractors working in Iraq.
07 Jul Plane hits cows on Nigeria runway An investigation is launched after a plane ran into a herd of cows at Nigeria's Port Harcourt airport, officials say.
06 Jul Les Rosbifs reinvented To those who see the French president as out of step with the pace of modern Europe, Jacques Chirac's jibe about British food is perhaps a case in point.
04 Jul Chirac jokes about British food French President Jacques Chirac is reported to have cracked jokes about British food at a meeting with German and Russian leaders.
30 Jun Cook and medic needed for voyage A British adventurer is seeking a cook and a doctor to complete his crew for a voyage in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus.
29 Jun UK waves in Kenya airport dweller A man who has been living in a Kenyan airport for a year is told his application for full British citizenship has been approved.
28 Jun Passport applicants face grilling Millions of people a year will have to go to an interview to get a new passport from the end of 2008.
27 Jun Gunned down 'protecting others' An Israeli military court convicts a soldier of the manslaughter of a British activist, but the victim's family believes there is a "culture" allowing killing of civilians.
26 Jun Teaching drums at Omani orchestra Meet the Welsh ex-pat who is marking seven years since he left the UK to teach drums in Oman.
26 Jun Brits abroad 'shun local culture' Young Britons on holiday shun culture in favour of alcohol and sex, an official report reveals.
25 Jun British prisoner is denied chair The mother of a Briton jailed in Japan criticises authorities there for the conditions in which he is being held.
24 Jun BA ups fuel surcharge on tickets British Airways says high oil prices are forcing it to raise the fuel surcharge on tickets for the second time this year.
23 Jun Azerbaijan-held mother back in UK A British woman held in Azerbaijan for allegedly carrying a pistol in her luggage is reunited with her family in London.
21 Jun British beer 'too hot to handle' Real ale assessors reveal that many publicans across the UK are serving pints that are too warm.
17 Jun Drop in foreign fraud on UK cards The amount of fraud committed overseas on UK debit and credit cards has hit a five-year low, a survey has said.
17 Jun US, UK missions shut in Nigeria The US and the UK have closed their consulates in Nigeria's biggest city, Lagos, citing "security fears".
16 Jun UK leads Europe TV addict league The British spend 18 hours a week slumped in front of the television, research suggests.
16 Jun Trekker was 'unlawfully killed' A coroner records a verdict of unlawful killing on a British trekker who was killed in Nepal.
16 Jun EU payback plan for faulty goods Holidaymakers who buy faulty goods abroad may be able to apply for compensation in the UK under an EU proposal.
16 Jun MI5 warning to travellers abroad If you're travelling abroad on business and find yourself getting unusually personal attention, then beware - you may have been targeted for espionage.
13 Jun World runner considers the impossible Twenty months and over 13,000km after setting off running from her home in Wales, Rosie Swale Pope is contemplating the toughest choice yet.
09 Jun Australia scare closes embassies The UK, US, Japanese and South Korean missions in Australia's capital shut after receiving suspicious packages.
08 Jun End booze-cruise limits, say MEPs MEPs vote in favour of scrapping limits on the amount of alcohol and tobacco people can bring back on so called 'booze cruises'
08 Jun Body parts fall from SA aeroplane Parts of a stowaway's body fall on a New York home from a South African Airways plane, as it prepared to land.
06 Jun Spy worry for paddle-power Briton A Briton attempting to travel around the world by human power alone is preparing to set off on the next leg.
02 Jun Britons abroad 'risk road fines' Most Britons driving abroad risk penalties and accidents because they are unaware of motoring laws, a survey finds.
02 Jun Strikes cripple French railways Rail travel is severely disrupted across France in the first strike since the 'No' vote on the EU constitution.
26 May Welshman consul to spice island A former Wrexham schoolboy is helping the small British community on Zanzibar as its honorary consul.
26 May Expat loses pension increase case A claim that nearly half a million Britons who retired abroad should have their pensions uprated is rejected by the House of Lords.
24 May Ex-pats return with business plan A team of former shipyard workers who found work across the Atlantic return to set up a new business.
21 May Attacks 'delay' Iraq rebuilding Too much money earmarked for rebuilding Iraq is having to be spent on boosting security, a US official says.
20 May UK says Turkish airline is safe A Turkish airline, grounded in four European countries, is pronounced safe in the UK.
17 May Spain murder raises ex-pat fears The murder of a pensioner from Cornwall who retired to Spain heightens fears of violence among British expats.
17 May Saudi 'torture victims' seek cash Two Britons and a Canadian who claim they were tortured in a Saudi jail will pursue unpaid legal costs against the Saudi government, their lawyers say.
15 May Britons 'complacent' over malaria British tourists are too complacent about contracting malaria when they travel, say campaigners.
14 May Passengers restrain man on flight Plane passengers, including an off-duty police officer, had to restrain a man who attacked several crew members during a flight.
13 May British pensioner killed in Spain A British man has been shot dead by burglars at his house in southern Spain, say police.
12 May Travellers face drug law hazards Tourists are warned of the dangers of taking apparently harmless medicines on holiday to countries where they may be banned
12 May Dubai drug woman flies back to UK A British woman has returned from Dubai after spending eight weeks in jail for having codeine in her body.
11 May UK victims of Asian tsunami The tsunami claimed the lives of 124 UK citizens, with a further 21 still missing and feared dead.
08 May British woman cleared in Dubai A British woman who faced four years in a Dubai jail for having codeine in her system has been acquitted.
08 May Deportation family go to Brazil A Swansea woman and her five children have flown back to Brazil hours before they faced possible deportation.
05 May US refuses arrest blunder damages A Bristol pensioner arrested at gunpoint by the FBI is told he will not receive any compensation.
03 May Iran's new airport in safety fear Iran responds angrily to travel advisories from Britain and Canada that warn its new airport near Tehran is unsafe.
03 May Travellers squeezed by air security A new US rules banning airline passengers carrying cigarette lighters has revived a debate over tighter travel security.
02 May UK pension 'near lowest in West' Britain's state pension is one of the lowest among the richest nations, a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development claims.
01 May Travel warning after Egypt attack The Foreign Office advises anyone travelling to Egypt to be aware of the risks after the latest attack on tourists.
26 Apr Wish you were here? As a new terrorism map reveals most countries in the world are at some sort of risk of attack, where are the handful of safe destinations?
25 Apr Phoney revenue forms con expats Bogus tax forms, claiming to be from the taxman, are being sent out to unsuspecting staff working abroad in a bid to gain bank details from them
25 Apr Tourist in UAE jail over medicine A British woman is being held in a prison in the United Arab Emirates after prescription drugs were allegedly found in her urine
25 Apr Rules on airline security relaxed Rules on British airline passengers carrying sharp objects on flights are relaxed.
22 Apr US may toughen airspace security The US considers forcing all airlines entering its airspace to provide passenger lists to guard against attacks.
22 Apr Envoy in Nottingham 'danger' row The British envoy to Saudi Arabia has sparked a row after suggesting that it is safer for a British businessman to visit a Saudi city than Nottingham
21 Apr Safe travel guide Where to go in the world if you want to avoid terrorism?
18 Apr Reburial for Nelson's comrades The bodies of 30 Britons who died during Nelson's Nile campaign are reburied with full military honours.
14 Apr Do Britons lack je ne sais quoi? Foreign language skills are declining in the UK, hampering businesses. Why is this so, asks the BBC News website.
14 Apr Travellers squeezed by air security A new US rules banning airline passengers carrying cigarette lighters has revived a debate over tighter travel security.
09 Apr Mystery of missing Brit in Cambodia Cambodia is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination for backpackers and gap-year students who are interested in the low cost of living that makes for a cheap long-term stay
09 Apr Embassy closes amid terror fears The British embassy in Yemen is closed indefinitely amid security fears as the US warns of possible attacks
08 Apr US citizen among Cairo blast dead A US citizen has died from wounds sustained in Thursday's bomb blast in Cairo, the US in Egypt announced.
08 Apr Nosy leech wriggles into HK hiker A Hong Kong woman who washed her face in a stream brought home an unwanted souvenir - a leech up her left nostril.
07 Apr Car loo tested on 2,000-mile trip A pair of entrepreneurs are planning a 2,000-mile road trip without ever getting out of their car - not for food, fuel, or even to relieve themselves.
07 Apr Air travellers facing Rome delays UK passengers due to fly to Rome are facing disruption caused by security plans for the Pope's funeral.
06 Apr US set to tighten border controls The United States will require its nationals to carry passports to return from Canada and Mexico by 2008, under new rules designed to improve security.
04 Apr Air travel change for guide dogs Airlines at Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester airports adopt new rules allowing guide dogs to travel in the cabin on certain long-haul flights.
04 Apr Passengers let off 'unsafe jet' British tourists are returning home after about 400 people refused to get back on an aircraft they said had fuel pouring out of one of the wings.
03 Apr Air cabin security policy eased Strict security rules which prevented British airline passengers from carrying sharp items after 9/11 are to be relaxed.
01 Apr Britons told to leave Ivory Coast Britons are being urged to leave the Ivory Coast immediately due to security fears, the UK Foreign Office has said.
30 Mar Aussie man reports crime in Devon A man in Australia tipped off police in Devon after seeing a suspected burglary on a webcam based in Exmouth.
28 Mar Ebola-like virus death toll rises The toll from the Ebola-like Marburg virus in Angola has risen to 122, after a baby died in the northern town of Uige, a government spokesman said.
26 Mar Malaysia to curb 'moral policing' The Malaysian government has moved to curb so-called moral policing following complaints about state snooping into citizens' private lives.
23 Mar High hopes for tsunami-hit tourist resorts Three months on from the tsunami disaster, the rebuilding of hotels and infrastructure in the hit areas is well under way.
23 Mar Online air charges face criticism Airlines "think up" extra charges and add them to the cost of online bookings, confusing consumers, a watchdog says.
22 Mar Fuel surcharges increased by BA British Airways is to increase its charges to cover the high cost of jet fuel caused by record crude oil prices.
21 Mar Pork-loving couple say 'pie do' A West Yorkshire couple ignored years of marriage tradition on their wedding day by opting for a three-tier pork pie instead of a cake.
20 Mar Briton dies in Qatar theatre blast A car bomb blast at a theatre near a British school in Qatar kills one Briton and injures about 12 other people.
19 Mar Brittany property boom stirs tension How foreign buyers are stoking tensions in a French village
18 Mar Taxpayers' cash 'funding corrupt deals' A secretive government department is using taxpayers' money to underwrite questionable overseas deals, a File On 4 investigation has found.
18 Mar Baggage handlers vote to strike Baggage handlers at Heathrow Airport have voted six to one in favour of a strike in a row over contracts.
11 Mar Stag and hen parties' £430m bill Party animal Britons will spend an estimated £430m in 2005 on travelling abroad on stag and hen parties, internet bank Egg says.
10 Mar Near-miss after plane door falls A couple had a near-miss with a falling door from a British Airways passenger plane while taking a walk in Surrey, an accident report shows.
09 Mar Worshipping the elderly Goddess Ever wanted to own a national institution? Something redolent of times gone by? A rare but familiar object that will impress your friends?
08 Mar Luggage limited to reduce injury Manchester Airport lowers its baggage limit for travellers to reduce injuries to baggage handlers.
08 Mar Holiday airlines 'not delivering' No-frills airlines are flying high but charter flights nosedive in terms of customer satisfaction, a poll suggests.
04 Mar Inquiry after jet engine cut off An investigation has started into why a jumbo jet, forced to make an emergency landing because of an engine fault, was later flown on only three engines.
04 Mar British couple murdered in Cyprus An elderly British couple have been found murdered at their home in northern Cyprus home, the Foreign Office has confirmed.
04 Mar Dubai's dogs' home faces closure The first and only dogs' home in Dubai is facing closure after being ordered to vacate the premises it currently occupies.
03 Mar Diplomat charged over plane row A British diplomat who was arrested at Heathrow after a disturbance on board a flight has been charged with being drunk on an aircraft.
03 Mar Britain wakes up to icy weather Much of the UK is waking up to icy conditions after temperatures plummeted to as low as -5C overnight.
02 Mar Briton found killed in Thailand A Liverpool chef has been found dead in Thailand, police have said.
01 Mar Defra championing pork pie cause An attempt to stop firms located outside Melton Mowbray from making the town's world famous pork pie is being backed by the government.
25 Feb Snow forces BA to cancel flights Britain's freezing conditions have forced British Airways to cancel 54 flights from Heathrow Airport.
18 Feb 'Aid tourists' pass test of time In the weeks that followed the tsunami, tourists started returning to Sri Lanka - but many were not there for a holiday, they went to help in the relief effort.
17 Feb Air passengers win new EU rights Air passengers unable to board because of overbooking, cancellations or flight delays can now claim more compensation.
15 Feb Irish fury over ambulance clamp Dublin airport apologises after an ambulance waiting for an injured patient was wheel-clamped.
11 Feb Is corruption getting worse in Africa? Kenya's government, which was elected on a pledge to fight corruption, has been hit by the resignation of its chief anti-corruption official John Githongo this week.
11 Feb Day tripper ban after port damage Ferry companies are refusing to take day trippers between Dover and Calais this weekend to ease disruption caused by a damaged berth at the French port
09 Feb UK envoy 'is an enemy' of Kenya Kenya's ministers react angrily to accusations by the British high commissioner of "massive looting".
09 Feb Greek doctors cleared on appeal Three Greek doctors convicted of the manslaughter of a County Durham man who died in a Rhodes hospital have been cleared on appeal.
03 Feb UK 'to be biggest wine consumer' Britons are set to be Europe's biggest wine drinkers - even quaffing more than the French - says a new report.
02 Feb The British illegal immigrants British backpackers make up the largest nationality of illegal workers in Australia. Why?
28 Jan Europeans 'ignorant' of EU treaty One in 10 European Union citizens knows little or nothing about the new EU constitution, a study suggests.
28 Jan Web inventor is 'Greatest Briton' Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee is named Greatest Briton 2004 at a ceremony attended by Gordon Brown.
26 Jan Woman raped at Heathrow Airport A 19-year-old woman from Norfolk is raped at Heathrow Airport bus terminal.
24 Jan Drive for 200 tsunami volunteers More than 200 volunteers are needed to help communities devastated by the Asian tsunami to rebuild and recover, UK development charity VSO says.
24 Jan Britons 'fear longer pub opening' Almost two-thirds of Britons believe extended pub opening will make the country a worse place to live, a poll finds.
19 Jan Britons 'cannot afford to save' More than seven out of 10 UK adults claim they cannot afford to save any more money than at present, a survey says.
19 Jan Global poll slams Bush leadership More than half of people surveyed in a BBC World Service poll say the re-election of US President George W Bush has made the world more dangerous.
17 Jan Voting worries for Britons abroad Fewer than 8,000 of the estimated 15 million British nationals living overseas are registered to vote, MPs were told on Monday.
15 Jan Plane returns after losing wheel A plane with 177 passengers on board has had to make an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport after losing a wheel.
15 Jan Britons hope for tourists' return As Thailand continues to cope with the aftermath of the tsunami, two British people reliant on the tourist industry tell how they hope to continue living in the place they now call home.
13 Jan Threat closes UK Jakarta embassy The British embassy in the Indonesia capital, Jakarta, has temporarily shut after receiving a specific bomb threat, British officials have said.
12 Jan US sends BA jet back to Britain A British Airways jumbo jet flying to New York turned back after the US objected to one of its passengers
11 Jan BA to suspend two Saudi services British Airways is to halt its flights from London Heathrow to Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia from 27 March
10 Jan Islanders suffer postal blunder The Royal Mail accidentally sent Christmas post bound for a South Atlantic British colony to Paraguay and the Caribbean, it has emerged.
07 Jan UK sick culture branded a 'myth' Claims that UK workers take too much time off work due to illness have been branded a "myth" by a TUC report.
05 Jan Why are we so grumpy? Having a moan has become fashionable, whether it's about grammar, chavs or cheap furniture. But do we really have anything to grumble about?
01 Jan Asian disaster: How to help Global aid organisations have launched urgent appeals for donations to help survivors of Sunday's Indian Ocean earthquake disaster

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