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Depending on where you are going your clothing needs will vary but there are a few constants that should always make their way into your handheld luggage when you are travelling overseas.
  1. Earplugs. I never bothered about earplugs before but on a recent long haul flight decided to buy proper earplugs. See if I could screen out the crying children who keep you awake when you want to be asleep. And, to my surprise, they are well worth the expenditure. I have a pair that fit into a tiny small case and have variable sizes depending on how big your ears are I guess.
  2. A travel pillow. At the same time that I bought my earplugs I bought one of those awful blow up pillows. I love it and am now a dedicated convert. I felt a bit self-conscious blowing it up but because they snuggle around your neck so well they stop that awful snap of your head when you start falling asleep. Mine is tiny when flat and this and the earplugs are about the size of a small packet of cards.
  3. A magazine. A novel means I have to carry something heavy around with me trip whereas if I buy a magazine, I can throw it away when I have finished reading it. Lugging a 500 page novel around the place becomes horribly heavy. I haven't yet downloaded any sort of e-book yet but it may be an option if I am travelling with a computer in future.
  4. Music. The new portable music devices are a great way to carry an assortment of music around. When travelling with children I also download audio books onto my player as I can then plug the children in and get a bit of respite. Many of these audio books are excellent and totally mesmerising for both children and adults as well as being an excellent way to bring literature to life. Favourites have included "Stig of the Dump", "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "The Fat Fairy".

Simple things to include but things that will definitely make your trip that little bit easier!

Amanda O

HSBC Bank International Ltd is offering expatriate customers who are new to offshore banking the opportunity to join the digital music revolution. Until November 11th 2005, any new customers who open an HSBC Bank International Ltd Offshore Bank Account with the minimum balance of 5,000 (or euro or dollar equivalent) will receive an MP3 player. Customers have to download and complete an application form from the website www.offshore.hsbc.com in order to qualify for the free gift.

The Qoolqee MP3 player has been retailing at 170 in Jersey Channel Islands. It is Particularly useful for expatriates as it is multi lingual and includes many of the most advanced features associated with these innovative audio players. It includes a sleep function that allows you to go to sleep while listening to music and an Alarm function to wake you up again! There are more details at www.qoolqee.com (dead link 2012)

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Posted 02Nov05