1. Always eat breakfast
    It will set you up for the day, help you maintain concentration and prevent high-fat snacking when you feel desperately hungry at 11 o'clock! If you really can't face eating first thing, grab a banana and eat that when you get to work or back from the school run.
  2. Choose "Power snacks" between meals
    In my new GI Jeans diet I recommend that you have power snacks of fruit or something else, that is low in fat and calories with a low GI rating at specific times throughout the day. In this way you will prevent yourself becoming hungry and being tempted by high fat snacks such as chocolate, crisps and pastries.
  3. Watch your portion sizes
    Most people who find their rate of weight loss slow are not watching their portion sizes. Check your portion sizes and find easy measuring 'servers' to help you, for example, a cup that holds your perfect portion of cereal, or cooked rice.
  4. Cut the fat in your food
    Realise that the fat that we eat puts fat on our body - and it doesn't matter whether it is extra, extra virgin olive oil or lard; they are both 100% fat. The simplest rule of thumb is to only buy foods with a maximum of 5% fat content. Check on the nutrition panel on the foods you select and, if the figure in the 100gm column is 5 or less, it's OK. This will automatically reduce the 'fattening power' of the food you eat.
  5. Choose foods with a low GI rating (glycaemic index)
    Low GI foods help to stem our hunger and improve our health. Scientific studies have proved that eating foods with a low glycaemic index help prevent heart and diabetic health problems.
    Low GI diets are based around fibre rich and wholegrain foods and include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and generous helpings of beans and pulses.
  6. Drink plenty of water
    We need to drink plenty of water every day. If you're not a huge water fan, drink flavoured varieties or mix with low-calorie drinks to add flavour. Not only does having a regular drink help you to feel fuller - which encourages you to eat less - it is crucial for the health of your kidneys. Aim to drink at least two litres of fluid every day.
  7. Be more active in your everyday life
    See every bit of activity as a fat burning opportunity, whether it is using the stairs instead of the lift, washing the car or being more energetic with your housework. They all add up and make a difference.
  8. Exercise Regularly
    As well as becoming more active generally, start exercising regularly; walking the dog, pedalling on your exercise bike or dancing, it doesn't matter. The key is to do 30 minutes of exercise at a level that makes you a bit out of breath, three to five times a week.

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Posted 14Mar06