Shipping is something that most of us know very little about unless we need to do it for any particular reason. The shipping industry is often clouded in mystery and few of us would know where to start if we needed to ship anything. Most of us would go with the usual options FedEx and DHL but when it comes to larger scale items companies like John Mason will be more suitable. John Mason is an established international shipping company that offers many different services to aid your removal needs. Smaller companies often can not cope with very large shipping orders, so checking with the company first is very important.

Services at John Mason (International Removals)
John Mason is one of the 100 hundred international removal companies in the world, providing a bespoke professional service from the moment you make the initial call right through to the end result. The company was founded in 1884, thus showing their extensive experience in this field. Co- ordination of removals can be road, air or sea. The method use to transport your freight can depend on a few factors, but one of the main ones in moving location. Essentially, location and circumstances can determine the method.

International Moving Specialists
Most of the world’s freight is move around the world by our vast seas. Shipping too and from different countries is something John Mason specialise in. Many international shipping companies split there time into domestic and international business. As John Mason focus there business primarily in international moving and international shipping they are fully aware of the rules and regulation other countries may have. This type of experience is essential when you consider moving anything to another country. International shipping can be a complicated business so it is wise to do some research.

International Shipping
Moving freight can be moved by road, sea or air depending on your needs. By far, the best way to move larger amounts of freight is by sea. John Mason has contracts with many of the major shipping companies, so they can offer a good choice of shipping dates and an extensive group of route options.

Overseas Removal (A Manager)
Moving anywhere is regarded of one the most stressful things in life that a human can do, so when you consider moving overseas, this really can build the stress levels. Having a dedicated international shipping manager for your freight aids with the stress caused by the move as they can take control and assist with the shipping process. As they manage the whole process, an international shipping manager can update their client at every step of the way so that all parties are aware of the stage of the shipment.

Ease of shipping
In today’s shipping market place, competition is there more than ever, so ensuring that you are a good quality and long established international shipping specialist is crucial. Things over the years have become easier to get organised, however international laws change all the time, so using a company with good international shipping relationships is paramount when considering a carrier.


Posted 05OCT11