Would you like to make sending presents home easier?
It would be great to know exactly what each of your nephews, nieces, friends’ kids or grandchildren would really like for birthdays or for Christmas. And to send the right thing from wherever you are at the click of a mouse.

Having just launched Gogoblin.co.uk I wish it had been around when I was living overseas and always struggling (and failing) to get the right thing to the right niece or nephew and ON TIME.

Gogoblin enables children to make free and secure wish lists online. Every item on the wish list will have a web address attached so that the giver can select the item, click straight through to the online shop and have the gift delivered back in the UK. Easy.

Gogoblin also has a unique functionality whereby you as the giver can store all the lists and all information about what you have promised to whom in Gogoblin’s To Do List.

So how do you get started?
First, join gogoblin and then tell all your relatives and friends back in UK that you’d like them to make wish lists with gogoblin – and that this is the very best way for them to be sure they’ll get from you something they actually want and on time. When they have made their lists they will email you the list details and you can then view the wish list, promise items, and when you are ready, buy online. Couldn’t be easier!

Happy shopping!

Jane Manson lived and worked overseas as trailing spouse for 16 years


Posted 23May07