Just a few things to think about when you move to Hong Kong..

  1. SEE THROUGH CLOTHING. Don't wear see through tops in Hong Kong. The local population is quite modest about wearing revealing clothing and a flash of bare skin is not quite as accepted here as it is on other countries.
  2. ARMPITS. Armpits tend to be cut much higher than perhaps in European countries. If you are getting clothes made be aware that you want "Western cut" not "Chinese Cut". You need to specify that you want movement in your clothing or else it will be cut figure tight and very form fitting. If in doubt ask for a fitting and make adjustments at this point. Loose clothing is much cooler in tropical countries yet not popular amongst many non-western women.
  3. ARMS. Some Asian countries prefer you to cover your upper arms. Hong Kong is fine in this regard and you can reveal upper arms.
  4. AIR CONDITIONING. It probably seems odd to mention air conditioning yet Hong Kong adores air conditioning. Regardless of the temperature, you will be blasted with freezing cold air - even in winter. Make sure that you bring either a light cardigan or wrap with you - or else pack a light shawl. Pashminas, although moving out of the fashion stakes are still popular in many Asian destinations as they keep your arms, warm and, if you are outside, can also offer some protection against mosquitoes!

Amanda O has been an expatriate most of her life and can't imagine living any other way.

HSBC Bank International has a range of tools on their web-site (www.offshore.hsbc.com) that are worth checking out. These range from country guides (http://www.offshore.hsbc.com/hsbc/main/living-working-abroad/country-guides) which can help with background information on a variety of destinations to an expenses calculator http://www.offshore.hsbc.com/hsbc/main/living-working-abroad for you to calculate your monthly living expenses

Posted 06Dec05