Buying a car is incredibly easy in many Asian countries. Just walk down to your local supermarket, check the notice board and pick one out. In Hong Kong, SAABs in particular are very reasonably priced and a car that is 3 to 5 years old can be picked up anywhere from $20,000HK - $50,000HK depending on the urgency of the sale. And remember to check why the owner is selling. If they are about to leave the country you will be in a better position to negotiate the point.

During my time in Hong Kong I have been at parties for departing expats where they gave away their cars as a party present - because they had been unable to sell them before they left.

One other point - try and find out where the locals get their cars serviced. Getting your car serviced at the registered dealers can increase prices substantially. If you are in Hong Kong, check out the garages at the top of Happy Valley, and in Broom Road. Many of these garages will also pick your car up from your apartment and deliver it back to you, fully serviced.

Amanda O has been an expatriate most of her life and can't imagine living any other way.

HSBC Bank International has a range of tools on their web-site (www.offshore.hsbc.com) that are worth checking out. These range from country guides (www.offshore.hsbc.com/hsbc/main/living-working-abroad/country-guides) which can help with background information on a variety of destinations to an expenses calculator www.offshore.hsbc.com/hsbc/main/living-working-abroad for you to calculate your monthly living expenses

Posted 26Apr2005