Five British Food Items Not Easily Found In Major U.S. Grocery Stores

It is normal to find British expats citing British food as one of the key things they miss about home. This “homesickness” is only made worse when huge retailers like Wal-Mart and Meijer do not have sufficient stock of British delicacies. Those that do boast of selling British items on their isle only have around twenty or so popular brand names. This is not nearly enough to satisfy the voracious appetite that one has been nursing for British food. Below is five items that are rare to come by in American stores.

Digestive Biscuits – American travel writer Bill Bryson once described chocolate digestives as ‘a British masterpiece’. These are only sold in the UK, but imported biscuits can occasionally be found in other US Grocery stores.

Tea – The UK is the largest consumer of tea in the world. We like it how we like it; we’ll have it with biscuits, cake, scones, breakfast and whatever else we fancy. British tea is different from other types of tea around the world, In the US they are, in the main, a nation of coffee drinkers, they do drink tea but it is often weaker or iced, a British ex-pat will probably find some difficulties in trying to find a good cuppa.

Chocolate bars. You might find some imitation form of the Cadbury chocolate bar, but the flagship brands like Flake and Twirl are not so easily found in the grocery store down the block. Stocking up on Thorntons, Rowntree, and various Cadbury chocolate bars before moving to America is a wise move (in case you have that sweet tooth you have to satisfy).

The other two British foods you are likely to miss in the USA are Pop drinks and Finger food/ crisp. Drinks like Lucozade and flavored crisp like roast chicken are next to impossible to find in American grocery stores. There are no black current flavored drinks thanks to the US ban on production.

Therefore, unless you got an underground smuggling ring that lets you enjoy all your delights from the British isle, you had better prepare your taste buds for a new experience in America or visit The British Food Store Online, a supermarket serving the global Expat community,

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Posted 19Jan14