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In today's environment of expanding global commerce, the trend of sending employees overseas, “just for a few months” is increasing. In the UK, the pro-immigration lobby often quote statistics regarding European Worker Migration. This is usually in response to political arguments about, for example, Polish workers coming to the UK.

Statistics are usually inaccurate, (to say the least) and in 2007 the Government figures for immigration were mocked for being vastly underestimated. The usual political mudslinging ensued, but nobody thought to mention the thousands of UK workers that are sent overseas by their employers, or the thousands that take their skills abroad for better pay.

This is not a new phenomenon, by any standard, but it has become easier for employers and employees alike to move entire operations overseas, (such as call centres) or expand into other countries.

Communication with family and friends has never been easier. With blogs, fora, email, Myspace and MSN adding to the tradition telephone and mail, there is no reason, (except in extreme circumstances) for people to lose touch with their loved ones. But what happens to their loved “things”?

Moving halfway around the world, for six months to two years becomes less appealing with the thought of having to sell or give away all or some of your hard earned worldly goods. It’s hardly practical to take all of your favourite furniture, ornaments and untold boxes of accumulated bits ’n’ pieces with you.

The only option is storage. You can either store your goods with family or friends, or put them into a storage facility. If going into a storage facility, by far the best option is to use a removals and storage company, rather than one of the many self-storage companies.

Removals companies generally have their own storage facilities and, because they make most of their money from household and commercial removals, their storage prices are generally cheaper than the national storage businesses.

Most removal companies also offer self-storage, so you don’t necessarily have to pay them to move your belongings if you have another option. If you’re on a tight schedule though, what could be better than having the removals men pack all the boxes and move them for you, (especially if your employer is paying)?

One such removals company ( A-Z Removals & Storage ) offers discounts for long term storage and will even discount the cost of packing and moving, based on the duration of your storage.

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Posted 14Nov07