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RECRUITMENT SECTORS (Relating to your international recruitment of British expatriates)
Administration, Secretarial, PA
Buildings, Building Services, Architects, Interior Designers, HVAC
CAD, CAM, CAE, Design, Drafting
Civil, Construction, Architectural, Airports, Structural, Bridges, Tunnelling
Education & Training
Finance, Accountancy, Banking, Commerce, Insurance, Auditors
Healthcare, Nursing, Medical, Hospital Administration, Pharmacy
Hospitality, Catering, Hotel, Tourism, Au-Pairs, Nannies, Leisure
Industrial, Manufacturing, Factory, Paper, Iron & Steel, Etc.
Instrumentation, I & E, Instrument & Control, Analysers, DCS, PLC, SCADA
IT, Computing, Software, Networking, Java, Etc.
Logistics, Transport, Warehousing
Management, Executive & Consultancy
Marine, Shipping, Cruise, Dredging
Mechanical, M & E, Rotating Equipment, Lifting, Workshop, Piping
Media, Advertising, TV, Publishing, Printing
Mining, Minerals, Geology, Geophysical
Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Drilling, Refining
Petrochemical, Chemical, Agro-Chemical, Plastics, Rubber
Pharmaceutical, Bio-Chemical, Bio-Medical
Power, Nuclear, Distribution
Production & Process
Purchasing, Cost Eng. QS
R & D, Scientific
Safety, Fire, Security
Sales & Marketing, Retail, Commission Only, Financial, Medical, Technical, etc.
Shipyard, Shipbuilding & Repair
Telecommunications, GSM, Telephone, Data
Utilities, Water, Waste, Environmental


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