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AWOL online newspaper distributed in and around Hua Hin, plus a website, free classifieds and forum aimed at both local and a wider expat audience.
Baht&Sold Thailand wide Classifieds
Bangkok Blogger Tales from Thailand
Pattaya City Expats Club
Pattaya Mail Pattaya's First English Language Newspaper
PhuketDelight.com Guide to Living, Working, and Visiting Phuket: Housing Jobs Beaches Restaurants Medical
TeakDoor.com The Thailand Forum for Travel, Lifestyle and Fun.


Sterling Assets Expat financial planning and advice, estate planning, retirement planning, investment advice and corporate financial planning by UK exam qualified advisers, for expats in Thailand.


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Right Properties providing real estate services, dealing with residential and commercial property both sale & rent in Thailand, especially in Bangkok
Thai Residential Buy or rent a holiday home on the island of Phuket, or elsewhere in Thailand. Includes informative articles such as purchasing procedures, purchasing property in Thailand as a foreigner, renting vs buying, etc.

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Thailand International Soccer 7s Football tournaments - Phuket, Bangkok - Thailand.


EXPATS Free Thai Survival course

International Dial Code : +66
Time zone : GMT +7
Visa Info : 1 month Tourist Visa issue at airport, can be extended at any immigration office
Mains Info : 220V 50Hz 2 pin round 5A / US flat pin
Health Inoculations : None


Paris Bangkok French restaurant & lounge bar

ALL! but well worth a visit Tahitian Queen (TQ1) Beach Road (The Go Go bar that started it all)


Thai-UK.org supporting Thai communities, culture, cuisine, arts and language in the UK

Highway Code of Thailand

A driver must overtake at all costs. Even if there is nowhere to go once you do.
Under no circumstances must you give way to any other vehicle or pedestrian.
You are only responsible for what is directly in front of you. Behind and to the sides is somebody else’s problem.
When pulling out into traffic, don’t look, it will only unsettle you. Trust that other drivers will see and avoid you.
Mirrors on vehicles are purely there for decorative purposes. However, they can be used for checking hair, make-up or squeezing spots.
Don’t waste time thinking while riding a motorcycle. It does not need much concentration, so use the time to make telephone calls or text.
Help save on transport costs by carrying two or even three passengers on a motorcycle. Maybe even four if one is a small child and one a baby.
Traffic lights are merely advisory.
It is permissible to drive the wrong way down a one way street on a motorcycle, if it saves you a few minutes from going around the right way.
If you drive a big, expensive car then you are very important/rich. Feel free to be a complete Dick.
Indicators are only on vehicles because apparently, other countries use them. If you do want to try using them, drive along with - one indicator flashing, then turn in the other direction.
Never change the oil in your vehicle. Just keep adding to it. The black smoke from your exhaust is a sign that you may need to buy another vehicle, when this one no longer works.
Do allow your young child to stand in front passenger foot well in your car. It affords them a better view.
If you are looking for somewhere, drive slowly, then speed up, drive slowly, then speed up, then stop in the middle of the road.
Don’t let a near miss worry you. It is a sign that your driving is of an acceptable standard. If it was bad you would have had an accident wouldn’t you? Carry on as before.
Remember that the Thai police are not there to enforce the law or aid road safety. They are there to make money. Ensure you always have a few hundred baht on you when driving, for tips.
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