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This website is run as a hobby, no more, no less. Founded in 2000, when I could see the need for a free access website targeted at British expats. The site has evolved into an expats yellow pages for shopping and financial services, plus recruitment and travel related sections.

You may find it quirky, ("Why is 'distance education' listed under shopping?") I agree, but short of having a separate category, that seems the least inappropriate.

Pages are intended to be quick loading, hence minimal graphics, I am often in remote places with appalling internet speeds, and I assume there must be others in similar situations. I have a very short fuse, you won't find many links to websites with impressive Flash opening screens, unless they have a 'skip intro' button.


Affiliate advertising: Text links are treated as normal links, they are not made to stand out and again provide a revenue source for a link that would be listed anyway. Affiliate logos are normally in the right hand column, and are obviously an advert. I think these 'rules' are the fairest way to present the website, there are no underhand tricks.

Any other logos are published because their website has a reciprocal link and is in my top 30 referrers, or because the page looks plain and could 'do with a bit of colour'

I have been an expat instrument technician / supervisor / inspector / engineer over the past 25 years, in overseas petrochem construction. My contract lengths have been from 3 months to 4 years, averaging about 7 - 9 months, so I am in regular contact with most recruiters, even if its only a flurry of research when an email is returned - ‘sender unknown’. (Please note: non-engineering job sectors are not my strong point, if anyone has any suggestions for sectors, recruiters, or even entire 'little black book' contents, they will be very, very welcome.)

Suggestions Wanted - What do you miss? What do you want to see?

Wanted - Any material of interest to expatriates, i.e.

  • Country low-downs,
  • Popular expat watering holes,
  • New contracts about to break,
  • Praise, recommendations or otherwise for agencies, and companies
  • Entries for the agency list, (ideally with some background info),
  • 'When I was in' stories,
  • Worst job / location / bar / accommodation stories,
  • Cartoonists, (PLEASE! grovel, grovel, )
  • Gossips / rumour mongers.

You can expect international fame, notoriety, criticism (hopefully constructive), in fact almost anything but money.

Please send all comments, suggestions, articles, criticisms to Mike Rushforth